Hate group promoted in downtown Fort Mill

This sticker from a prominent hate group was placed on a SCDOT electrical box in downtown Fort Mill. (Photo by Michael Harrison)

FORT MILL — Someone vandalized a traffic signal box at the top of Main Street in downtown Fort Mill with a sticker advertising a known hate group.

The sticker is for a group called the Patriot Front. The group’s website includes a manifesto that says only white people of European descent who were born in the United States should be considered Americans. It also rails against Israel as an enemy of the U.S. and suggests violence as a solution to its various grievances.

The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Patriot Front a “White nationalist hate group.

Vic Edwards, an engineer with District 4 of the SCDOT said today that as soon as a maintenance crew in Indian Land finished work there, the crew would be dispatched to Fort Mill to remove the sticker.

According to Chris Sardelli, the spokesman for the Town of Fort Mill, “The town does not have a comment about the flyer.”

Click here to learn more about hate groups tracked by the SPLC.


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