Carowinds closes ride out of safety concerns, a barbed wire fence encloses FMHS and more in 100 Years of Fort Mill History


  • Residents sprawled out in Confederate Park to hear Flashback play oldies and beach music at the first ever Music in the Park.
  • The Fort Mill varsity played Northwestern to a scoreless first half before falling to the Trojans 27-0.
  • Roger Penny, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Boys and Girls Club, announced that a club would open in Indian Land on September 13.
  • Carowinds shut down its Drop Zone ride after a 12-year-old boy died after a fall from a similar ride in California.


  • A waiver of title insurance for an additional 48 units of public housing in Fort Mill gave the green light for construction of $1,744,000 project.
  • Fort Mill’s public-school enrollment was expected to reach 3,000 students, the largest ever.
  • Fort Mill went on the road to defeat Northwestern 21-6. Coach Gus Allen praised quarterback Mike Boxberger and receivers Carlos Potts and David Moore for their efforts.
  • Many students at Fort Mill High School were upset that an eight-foot fence, topped with three rows of barb wire, had been erected around the school grounds.


  • Chief of Police H. F. Adkins announced that Robert E. Kimbrell had been hired as an officer with the Fort Mill Police Department.
  • Attendance at Fort Mill public schools on opening day was 2,105, four short of the previous year’s opening day record.


  • Great Britain and France went to war with Germany, springing to the defense of Poland, which was invaded by the armed forces of Adolph Hitler.
  • Tommie Garrison, 19, was diagnosed with infantile paralysis. There was talk of delaying the opening of Fort Mill schools, but the sugestion was discarded.


  • Willaim S. Hart, the Western King, and Vola Vale starred in a five-part thriller, “The Silent Man” at the Majestic.
  • Patrons of the local soda fountains were now paying the 10 percent war tax. Up to now, the businesses had paid the tax.

— Compiled by Chip Heemsoth, a lifelong resident of Fort Mill.


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