Scenic trails are reopening, but road above them will soon close for Fort Mill bridge replacement

This bridge on U.S. 21 Business is being replaced and this section of the road will be close for at least nine months beginning Aug. 26 (Photo: Michael Harrison).

FORT MILL — The Muscadine and North Steele Creek trails at the Anne Spring Close Greenway will reopen Friday, but the road above it will soon be closed to through traffic for at least nine months while a deficient bridge over Steele Creek is replaced.

The trails were closed for preliminary work on the bridge project.

Beginning Aug. 26, no traffic will be allowed within 1,000 feet of either side of the bridge, which is bordered by Springfield Parkway to the north and S.C. 160 on its southern side. Replacing the bridge is expected to take nine months, but “this could change if utility conflicts or adverse weather conditions are encountered,” according to a statement from S.C. Dept. of Transportation.

An estimated 2,300 vehicles travel the road daily, SCDOT says. A detour will be in place until the new bridge opens (see below).

Besides some homes, Dairy Barn Lane, the entrance to the Dairy Barn section of the Greenway is on the north side of the bridge, but no disruption is expected, according to Greenway spokeswoman Elizabeth Bowers.

“We will reroute during the construction and are still working on those exact details,” Bowers said.

Jared Bragg, a spokesman for SCDOT said, “The bridge will be completely closed with no access to traffic.  The road will be permanently closed once you approach the ends of the bridge approximately 1,000 feet (on) either side.”

For new information about accessing the Dairy Barn after Aug. 26 and all updates on trail status, check the Greenway’s website and visit them on social media.

Here’s the detour, effective Aug. 26

DETOUR: From S.C. 160 (White Street), keep straight on S.C. 160 heading west. Continue for .7 miles, turn right on to U.S. 21, continue on U.S. 21 for 2.8 miles, turn right onto Springfield Parkway (S.C. 460). And from Springfield Parkway turn right onto U.S. 21. The net detour length is approximately 4.5 miles. — Source: SCDOT


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