Pet of The Week: Yoda

Yoda (left) with his best friend, Henry.

Meet Yoda, “my precious 4.5 year-old Sphinx,” says Jackie Love Bithorn. Yoda had a rough start in life, being born with a feline cardiac condition.

“A short time after the adoption, Yoda was diagnosed with HCM,” his mom explains. At the time, Yoda was only a few months old. The vets were not certain he would live past six months, and here he is four years later, a true miracle!”

He’s not your typical cat, for sure.

“Yoda is a therapy cat for me and others,” Bithorn says. “His best friend is a dog named Henry! Actually, Yoda identifies as a dog. He has brought much joy to many. He is truly a miracle and gift from God!”

Want to see your pet as Pet of The Week? Email jpg and info to All pets welcome! From snakes to horses, birds to rodents. None too big nor too small!


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