Threat concern at Fort Mill High apparently kept some students from attending school today

A Fort Mill Police Department patrol car parked near the station house.

FORT MILL – Parents and staff members say there was a noticeable lack of attendance today at Fort Mill High School, the day after a message scrawled in a boys bathroom made a vaguely threatening reference.

The mostly incoherent graffiti reported by a student to FMHS administration Thursday begins with an expletive and seems to say “save ur selves” by avoiding “A lunch” on Friday. The Fort Mill Police Department sent extra officers to bolster the usual resource officer presence. The day passed with no reported incidents.

An email to parents Thursday afternoon said, “This afternoon, a student reported to the administration that a vague threat had been written on a bathroom wall on campus. The threat was reported to law enforcement and is being investigated. At this time we do not believe the threat is credible, however the Fort Mill Police Department has volunteered to provide extra security on campus tomorrow.  In an effort to reassure parents and students, we will take additional safety measures at school tomorrow, and will continue to work to identify the person responsible for this message.
We also ask that if your student has any information about who could have written this message to please share that with the administration.”

One parent who asked not to be identified said two of her children who attend Fort Mill High stayed home Friday and that “almost all of their friends” stayed home, too. Staff members told The MIllTown News they couldn’t help but notice that many students were absent and that some of the students who did attend school appeared on edge because of the perceived threat.

Asked if absentee figures for Friday were available, school district spokesman Joseph Burke wrote in an email that “We do not have any further information available at this time.”


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