Thefts Reported at 2 Fort Mill Parks After Suspects Shatter Windows

Park visitors, beware. Thieves have been shattering windows on parked cars outside Fort Mill parks, stealing credit cards and other valuables inside.

Last Wednesday, around 6:10 p.m., at Walter Y. Elisha Park, a witness looked over and saw the interior light on inside a Chevrolet Tahoe.

“Upon closer look, (she) observed a black male wearing a dark shirt pull out a purse from the back seat,” a police report says.

The witness said the suspect got into a silver Mercedes with a Florida license plate and fled with the purse.

Fort Mill officers found the victim’s Tahoe with the rear driver’s side window shattered. The owner of the vehicle reported the theft of a Madewell purse along with the contents: a diamond engagement ring with a two-carat stone; a silver wedding band with multiple small diamonds; gold earrings; $250 cash; a teacher ID; prescription meds; credit cards and other identification.

  Officers put out an alert on the Mercedes without success.

   Meanwhile, the day before, someone busted out a window of a car parked at Harris Street Park. The incident happened around lunchtime Tuesday.

A Fort Mill mother was at the park with her daughters and returned to find her rear passenger window busted out. She had only been at the park 15 minutes, a police report says.

Stolen: the woman’s Louis Vuitton purse worth $1,600, a Michael Kors wallet, four credit cards and her driver’s license.

“The purse was on the floorboard behind the second row of seats and should have been out of sight,” a police report says.

The victim spoke with several people who were in the parking lot and no one reported seeing anything. But a woman approached the victim later and told her about an older-model red sedan with four individuals inside that was parked beside her car. The vehicle was in poor condition and had the name of a company on the side, but the witness didn’t get a look at the name.

Investigators came out and tried to obtain fingerprints from the victim’s vehicle.

Greg Rickabaugh is editor of, a partner with The MillTown News in reporting on crime in the Fort Mill area. 


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