There are 5 Fort Mill Honor Roll Teachers. Only 1 will be the next Teacher Of The Year

The five Fort Mill Honor Roll teachers for 2019 stand shoulder to shoulder at a recent banquet in front of the "Fort Mill Schools" sign. They are all wearing formal business attire.

Pictured from left are teachers Celestine Peters, Amber Rice, Brandon Sanders, Melissa Burroughs and Gina Perry.

FORT MILL – Five Fort Mill School district teachers are now the finalists for the prestigious Teacher of the Year award.

The teachers, all District Honor Roll Teachers of the Year, were recognized at the recent 2019 Teacher of the Year Banquet held at the Fort Mill District Training Facility. The five Honor Roll teachers are:

Melissa Burroughs, Music, Doby’s Bridge Elementary

Burroughs is a graduate of Winthrop University and has certifications from Villanova and George Mason University. She is a National Board Certified teacher and has worked with the district for three years. She has served as an adjunct professor at Winthrop University and continues to work as an instructor at Winthrop’s ST-arts summer program.

Gina Perry, Math Teacher, Nation Ford High

Perry is a graduate of Winthrop University and Erskine College. She has worked with the district for 14 years. She is National Board Certified, an FMSD STEAM teacher leader, and a Lemelson –MIT Excite Award teacher.

Celestine Peters, Guidance Counselor, Fort Mill High

Peters is a graduate of Winthrop University and the University of South Carolina. She has worked with the Fort Mill School District for seven years and also serves as a member of the Army National Guard. She has been recognized with a South Carolina HEART award and has been awarded multiple grants.

Amber Rice, Math Specialist, Gold Hill Elementary

Rice is a graduate of the State University of New York and Pfeiffer University. She has taught in the district for five years and has previously been recognized as part of USA Today’s All Star Teacher Team.

Brandon Sanders, Band Director, Pleasant Knoll Middle:

Sanders is a graduate of Winthrop University and Kent State University. He has worked in the district for four years. Mr. Sanders has previously been named an Outstanding Young Music Educator, and has been nominated for teacher of the year multiple times both in the Fort Mill School District and other districts in which he taught.

“Each of our 2019 Teachers of the Year are remarkable educators and the selection process for the Honor Roll Teachers was very difficult,” said Superintendent Chuck Epps. “Our Honor Roll teachers truly represent the district’s dedication to students, education, and our mission of Children First…Every Day.”

The 2019 District Teacher of the Year will be selected at the start of the 2019–’20 school year.


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