Carowinds Fence Jumpers, QT Beer Thieves & Other Fort Mill Crime Stories

FORT MILL — Three teens were busted for jumping the fence at Carowinds, one of several Fort Mill crime reports over the last week.

An 18 year old from Charlotte was given a citation for allegedly trespassing at the theme park last Sunday, while two underage friends were issued juvenile summons and released to their mothers, a sheriff’s report says.

Security staff saw three males jumping over three separate fences to get into the park. They were caught in the park and escorted to Guest Services, where they allegedly tried to lie about their identities, the report states. But a sheriff’s deputy was able to confirm their names after calling the mother of one of the teens.

One of the juveniles allegedly confessed that he presented an invalid pass to get inside the park, convincing an admissions clerk to let him through.

“He then exited the park and received a hand stamp to return,” a report says.

According to the report, “He tried to transfer the stamp to (a friend) while (he) attempted to use (the friend’s) little brother’s season pass. When (the 18 year old) was denied entry, all three exited the park and went to the fence near the old season pass processing building. They then climbed over three fences into the park.”

All three teens were put on trespassing warning and told not to return to Carowinds.

In other crime news from Fort Mill:

Beer theft thwarted

A suspicious deputy caught a QT shoplifter in the act at 4:15 a.m. Thursday at the gas station across from Carowinds. The officer saw a car running with the lights on, parked at the entrance closest to the alcohol display. Because of past shoplifting cases, the deputy blocked the vehicle with the patrol car and saw a woman walking out the door with several cases of beer.

“When she saw my patrol car, the female set the beer down and walked out of the gas station,” the deputy’s report says. “Several other items of merchandise from QuikTrip were inside the female’s bag, as well as a glass pipe used for smoking narcotics.”

Tanisha Roseboro, left, and Terri Hastings (YCSO mugshots)

The woman was identified as 29-year-old Tanisha Roseboro of Charlotte, and she confessed to shoplifting the items. Another woman in the running vehicle, Terri Hastings, 48, of Charlotte, was also charged with shoplifting.

Cars vandalized

Seven employees of Stanley Black & Decker reported their tires slashed while parked in the rear parking lot on Wednesday. The business is located on Pleasant Road in Fort Mill.

Stanley Black & Decker Distribution Center

One victim told authorities that both driver’s side tires and one rear passenger tire was cut and deflated. Another said the side tires on his GMC Yukon were cut and deflated. Most of the employees arrived at 4 p.m. Wednesday and noticed the tire damage later. No other vehicle damage was reported.

Ruckus at a restaurant

Also, a Cracker Barrel manager complained last Monday night about a drunk man harassing customers at the restaurant on Carowinds Boulevard. The manager told deputies that the man was stopping customers at the entrance.

The officer found the 30-year-old Charlotte resident, and quickly realized the man was intoxicated, the report states. He was slurring his words and asked the officer to take him home to Albemarle Avenue. The officer tried to search the man, but he started taking off his shoes, coat and shirt without being asked, according to the report.

He was then arrested for disorderly conduct because the deputy realized he would be “a danger to himself if left unattended,” the report states.

Greg Rickabaugh is editor of, a partner with The MillTown News in reporting on crime in the Fort Mill area. 


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