5 Things to Get You Beach Body Ready!

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That time is almost here!  The sun will soon be shining very bright and the temperatures will be increasing which will mean only one thing.  Beach Time!  With Spring Break and Summer approaching many people start to realize that maybe they should have stuck to their New Year’s Resolutions a little more consistently.  So, How do you “Get Ready” for Bikini Season?  As a Personal Trainer and Online Fat Loss Coach to fat loss clients here locally and all over the world for almost 20 years now I’ve had the privilege of seeing many fitness industry trends come and go especially the claims to get you ready for bikini season!  Of course, the fitness industry has always been inundated with many false claims and hype in order for companies to sell more products and services.  Over the years there have been certain things that have always remained the same as a standard foundation of what most people need to do in order to get ready for bathing suit season. 

Here are the Top 5 things You Need to Get Beach Ready!

  1. Eliminate the C.R.A.P Foods 
    1. Carbonated Drinks- These are drinks like sodas and many of the drinks that have sugar additives in them.  Of course, the real harm comes from the SUGAR that is present in many of these drinks.  Sugar has a sneaky way of finding its way into many of our foods and now they are in many of our drinks (especially the so-called specialty waters)
    2. Refined Sugar- Sugar in its fine white granules has undergone an extensive refining process to reach this point.  During this process any nutritional benefits from the original source are lost.  This type of sugar is absorbed quickly into our bloodstream and also leaves quickly causing blood sugar levels to spike.  This type of sugar consumption is known to contribute to diseases including type 2 diabetes.  Many processed foods contain refined sugars, but some obvious ones are cakes, biscuits, cereals and yogurts.
    3. Artificial Flavorings & Alcohol – Artificial additives and flavoring in foods are classed as ‘anti-nutrients.’  This means that they can rob or cancel out vital nutrients our bodies need.  They can hide in many processed foods but especially in sweets and soft drinks.  Alcohol is also here because it is considered a toxin and too much can have a damaging effect on our bodies.  If you do want a little alcohol, then a glass of red wine is the best option
    4. Processed Foods – Processed foods often contain refined sugars, are high in salt, artificial flavorings and saturated and trans fats.  It is best to try to stick with a whole foods diet and consume foods in their most natural form where possible.
  2. Get Moving! – Weight Loss is a pretty simple equation as my team, and I help clients with their weight loss and fat loss plans every day.  The basic principle always applies as it relates to weight loss which is creating a SLIGHT calorie deficit (average -200 calories from your BMR) as it relates to your calorie output.  Motion creates motion so the more opportunities you find to be active throughout the day the more you will naturally begin to feel the need to want to move.  Finding opportunities to move can be as simple as doing a 30-minute walk, bike or run around the neighborhood 5 times per week.  Maybe taking your lunch break and grabbing a friend and some comfy walking shoes to walk for about 15 minutes during your break.  How about parking far away from work and walking up the stairs instead of the elevator (unless you’re on the 100th floor)
  3. Add More Water – Most people don’t drink enough water and end up doing more harm than good because your body is mostly water and if your cells are dehydrated in the least bit then some of the normal processes are slowed or even halted (which includes fat loss and fat metabolism).  Water is vital to the body, hydrating the organs and helping to remove waste and toxins from your system. Denying your body water is counterproductive to losing water weight, as dehydration sends your body into crisis mode and will cause additional retention.  Also be careful that as you begin to cut carbohydrate you will probably feel a little more dehydrated because carbs all have molecules of water in them.  How much water to drink is usually a question that I get, and it varies for every individual but my standard baseline especially if you are an active person is at least 80 ounces of water.  Some really quick hacks for you to help get your water in is to buy a really large water bottle, set a water alarm, chug water upon waking, and with every meal make sure you drink a ton of water. For my caffeine drinker…. you want to make sure that you get additional water in because caffeine is considered a diuretic.
  4. Itsy Bitsy Tiny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – So there was a yogurt commercial that was on television years & years ago that I still remember the jingle to this day!  The commercial was about a young lady that place a bikini that was way to small for her to fit at the time on her closet door, but she would stare at it every day while eating this particular brand of yogurt.  After several weeks of (I’m guessing) eating healthy she was able to finally fit into what I would call an Inspiration Outfit.  Go out to the store and purchase an inspiration outfit and even go as far as to try it on!  You want to be somewhat realistic but also stretch yourself a bit by aiming for a size that’s a little smaller.  When you get this outfit home place your inspiration outfit somewhere visible that you can see it every day.  Then you want to also try this outfit on periodically to see where you are with being able to fit into it.
  5. Countdown and Cross off – Break out the actual physical calendar and make sure you place it somewhere visible so that you can note a few things every day.  On your calendar that you will have hanging on your wall I want you to place the goal date of when you plan to make it to the beach and fit into your inspiration outfit.  Then from the date that you hang the calendar up until the goal date I want you to place an X over the days that you were able to get active (walking, running, biking, hiking, rowing, exercise etc.) for at least 30 minutes or more and also place a circle on the days that you were able to get at least 80 ounces of water in.  So essentially you want everyday to have a circle and also an X to signify that you’ve gotten movement in as well as enough water.  The calendar just makes the deadline that much more real as you make daily progress towards your goal of being beach ready!

I hope this was helpful as there are many programs, tactics and elements that I can add in as each person is different in regard to individual challenges, need and preferences.  There are many programs approaches that work and our team has several clients that we work with individually that are doing different protocols, but the foundational elements are typically the same.

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