Former neighbor caught napping inside MorningStar Ministries building

FORT MILL — MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill called the York County Sheriff’s Office to eject a man found sleeping in its main building.

MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill.

The man, who was charging his cell phone while napping, according to a March 19 incident report, used to live in a nearby subdivision and had to be ejected from the ministry’s property in the past, the report states. After a staff member woke the man up, they brought him outside to wait for a deputy to arrive, but the man allegedly fled toward the road where he used to reside, the report states.

After a deputies arrived, they searched for the man, but he could not be located. The report states the man was previously given official warning not to trespass on MorningStar property.

The former neighbor of the ministry was caught napping in MorningStar’s conference center, which used to be the Heritage USA hotel owned by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the PTL.