How well do you know Tega Cay? Here are 5 facts

TEGA CAY — You know Tega Cay is one of the fast-growing cities in the region, now approaching 15,000 residents and 5,000 homes across nearly four-and-a-half square miles. It’s well publicized as one of the safest and most tree-lined cities.

But, what don’t you know? If you’re a fairly recent transplant, the following fun facts might add to your repertoire of knowledge of your adopted home:

  • Before Tega Cay could go ahead with its incorporation referendum prior to becoming a city in 1982, it had to get permission by the next nearest city by giving it right of refusal to annex Tega Cay into its municipal limits. So, Fort Mill declined to annex in the peninsula community, right? Wrong! The closest city — connected by continuous property — is actually the City of Rock Hill. The land that connects the two is actually under Lake Wylie, but according to South Carolina law, that counts. Rock Hill passed, paving the way for the creation of the City of Tega Cay. Bonus fact: York County, which had jurisdiction in Tega Cay, officially opposed incorporation there, with York County Council going on record against it after some residents proposed a special-purpose tax district (see the present day Lake Wylie community) instead.
  • On July 4, 1985 — Tega Cay’s third birthday — telegrams (for those of a certain age, telegrams were the text or instant messages of their time, only not so instant) of congratulations were received from Columbia shuttle astronauts Ken Mattingly and Henry Hartsfield and President Ronald Regan.
  • Now infamous televangelists Jim and (the late) Tammy Faye Bakker of the PTL and Heritage USA were residents. Their much talked about lakeside home burned down. Bonus fact: The Bakkers got into a little hot water with the city for trying to build a water slide without a permit, according to city archives.
  • The first City Hall building and council chambers was in a converted 7-11.
  • The property on which Tega Cay’s first subdivision was built was purchased by developer the Ervin Co. from Duke Power (now Duke Energy), which owns Lake Wylie.

There you go! Five (plus) things you might not have known about Tega Cay. Have more trivia we can use for future reference? Send it to