Police: Fort Mill teen concocts tale to cover up wreck during joyride

By Greg Rickabaugh, FortMillSun.com

FORT MILL — A 14-year-old Fort Mill girl notified police that her mother’s Lexus was stolen, but later confessed to taking the car and wrecking it into a neighbor’s mailbox along Kings Bottom Drive, authorities said.

The girl called Fort Mill police Saturday night, saying her mother and stepfather were gone from the home when she realized her mother’s red 2018 Lexus had been stolen, according to a Fort Mill police report.

“(She) advised she was watching television when she heard a crash from outside,” the report says. “She looked outside and noticed her mother’s red Lexus missing from the driveway.”

During the investigation, the girl confessed that she actually took an extra FOB key and drove her mom’s Lexus while everyone was gone. In the process, the juvenile struck the mailbox, removing it from the ground.

Officers found the vehicle down the road with significant passenger-side damage. The girl’s stepfather contacted the homeowner to tell him what had happened, and both men agreed to handle the matter between themselves, a report says.

Greg Rickabaugh is editor of FortMillSun.com, a partner with The MillTown News in reporting on crime in the Fort Mill area.