Fugitive in handcuffs slips custody in Hollywood style escape from bondsman

Photo by kat wilcox on Pexels.com

FORT MILL — It’s sounds like a scene from an action movie.

A man working for a bail bondsman told Fort Mill police a fugitive he was transporting was able to escape from his vehicle and escape with the help of an accomplice driving another vehicle, according to an incident report.

The complainant told Fort Mill police he “apprehended” the fugitive, a 27 year-old Fayettville, N.C., woman at Magistrate Court near downtown Fort Mill Feb. 28 and was transporting her, handcuffed in the front seat of his vehicle, when she she suddenly feigned illness. The man told police he began slowing down when he noticed another vehicle, a white Scion, following “extremely close to his bumper,” the report states.

At about that same time, the fugitive “attacked him with what he believed to be a small, .25 caliber semi auto pistol” that he said turned out to be a metal cigarette case, according to the report.

The man told police the handcuffed woman, who he said was wanted for failing to appear on six bench warrants, left his vehicle and got into the Scion. According to the report, he “unholstered his sidearm and aimed it in the direction of the fleeing vehicle, but did not engage due to the driver of the vehicle.”

In addition to the escape, the complained to police about the loss of his personally owned Smith and Wesson handcuffs that he valued at $25. However he was “reluctant to pursue charges for the larceny.”

The case remains under investigation.