This coyote sighting in the Fort Mill / Tega Cay area isn’t like all the others

FORT MILL — A canine that appears to be a coyote was found dead on Gold Hill Road earlier Saturday.

The animal was laying in the turn lane near The Reserve subdivision about a mile west of I-77 near Tega Cay. It was unclear how it died. There were no visible injuries, but there was blood coming from the animal’s mouth and one of its paws was blood stained.

Coyotes are not native to the region but quickly adapted and thrived after being introduced. Experts have theorized that the proliferation of coyotes in the York County area began with a migration from the North Carolina foothills and mountains.

There are so many coyotes in this area that residents started complaining of aggressive encounters and injuries to pets. Some residents suspect their missing cats fell prey to hungry coyotes.

The situation became so untenable in Tega Cay that officials there drew up a coyote control plan that includes contracting with a professional trapper who monitors their presence in the city, catching the animals and euthanizing them off-site.

Tega Cay City Manager Charlie Funderburk, when shown a photo of the animal in Fort Mill, said he believes it is indeed a coyote.

“Yes, appears to be,” he wrote in reply to a text.

Someone removed the dead animal from the road by mid afternoon Saturday.