Man staying at Fort Mill motel makes a friend, shares a beer and wakes up to find his borrowed car missing

FORT MILL — A man staying at a Motel 6 in the Carowinds area reported the borrowed car he was using was stolen and that another man the complainant befriended hours earlier is the suspect, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report. 

The man told a deputy who responded that he had borrowed his sister in law’s 2010 Hyundai and that a TV, tools and other possessions he owned were inside the car when it was stolen Feb. 26. According to the report, the man who reported the car stolen told the deputy that he had been drinking beer earlier in the day and offered one to the suspect, a man who was associated with a woman staying in the room next door, where several people visited her that day. 

Eventually, the man who called the sheriff’s office passed out and believes he left his motel room door either unlocked or partially open and that the keys to the Hyundai were left in plain sight, the report states. He also told the deputy the suspect had been using narcotics that were not specified in the report.

The deputy investigating the crime spoke to the woman next door, who gave the deputy the name of the man who became the suspect. The complainant identified the man from a photo taken by the motel’s surveillance cameras as the man he shared a beer with and believes is the one who stole the borrowed car. 

He also said he knows the suspect stole the car “because God told him,” the report states. 

The case remains under investigation.