Is one-way the right way for Fort Mill’s Main Street?

Cars parked along both sides of main Street in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
Could a change to make Main Street in Fort Mill one-way be the final piece to the downtown revitalization puzzle? Town officials are talking about it. (Photo by Michael Harrison)

FORT MILL — A once dull and drab Main Street that seemed to have more empty store fronts than shops is now pulsing.

There are four restaurants, a brew pub, multi-use art studio/coffee shop/entertainment venue and a high-end bow-tie shop. Main Street is home to the Fort Mill Community Playhouse.

And that’s not all.

Joining the iconic barber and furniture shops are a store where you can buy the world famous Carolina Reaper pepper and related products, a veterinary practice, a hair stylist, antiques shop and a handful of professional service businesses. Just around the corner is the Fort Mill History Museum, a professional building and more shops.

Unlike before, no one needs to wait for a special event to make Main Street in Fort Mill a destination.

The question, however, remains: How to make it more accessible and inviting? The recently completed Fort Mill Parkway southern bypass has successfully routed traffic around the downtown area, but congestion remains an issue. A lack of parking even more so.

Now that Main Street has been revived, town officials are looking at ways to put a lasting stamp on their revitalization efforts. Making Main Street a one-way road has been one possibility getting serious consideration. But it’s not all in the town’s control.

“Maintaining and encouraging the wonderful vitality that we are experiencing in downtown is second only to safety,” Mayor Guynn Savage says.

“Reviewing the Main Street corridor is very important for both of those reasons.  Removing parking on Main would certainly help with the safety aspect — but parking is at an all time premium.  The town is working towards long range plans for the downtown that will help us determine if this is possible and desirable.” 

Savage explains that the ball is largely in the state’s court right now and the town has already reached out to see if it can make something happen.

“The state would need to give the road to the town to make the decision for one-way, but could remove parking if they see the need to do so for safety reasons,” she says.

“We have inquired about a transfer of Main to the town, but have not received any commitment to date. Further study is definitely needed for any decision to be made.”

Savage also wants to pass along a message for looking to take advantage of all that Main Street now offers: 

“In the meantime, please encourage all of your readers to slow down on Main, park in approved spaces and watch for pedestrians,” she says. 


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