There’s an app for that, but things went awry with Fort Mill mobile pizza order

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FORT MILL — A Pizza Hut app is at the center of and identity theft/cyber crime investigation by Fort Mill police.

Police are investigating a case in which someone ordered pizza with the Pizza Hut app that tried to charge another person’s credit card to pay for the transaction, according to a Fort Mill police report.

After receiving the compliant at 5:07 p.m. Feb. 1, police went to the Fort Mill home of the man who ordered $39.70 worth of pizzas. He showed investigators his settings in the app and they verified his own credit card number was the one entered to use for purchases. The man also showed police all of his credit cards and none of them matched the card reported compromised.

In the meantime, Pizza Hut cancelled the order over fraud concerns.

After contacting the Pizza Hut the pizzas were ordered from, police were told by a manager that the card number they received for the order could not be provided. They did provide other information for recent transactions involving the man who made the order that evening.

The case remains under investigation.