Tega Cay looking for a new fire chief

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

TEGA CAY — One of the region’s fastest-growing cities has a job opening for someone who is organized, cool under pressure and has excellent leadership skills.

The City of Tega Cay is looking for a new,  full-time fire chief. The city posted the opening early in the new year after former chief Scott Szymanski resigned around Christmas time, City Manager Charlie Funderburk said. Szymanski, who served for nearly a decade, “resigned to do other things,” Funderburk said, without elaborating. 

So far, somewhere between 15 and 20 people have applied, Funderburk said, with resumes coming in from various regions and states. As of today, the applicant willing to relocate the furthest now resides in New Hampshire, Funderburk said.

“They are coming in from literally, it seems, everywhere,” he said. “The tunnel that runs from the Northeast to Tega Cay and York County in general is still in existence,” he joked. 

Tega Cay, once served by an all-volunteer fire department, is now protected by a mostly paid, full-time staff. There are 16 full-time firefighters and one part-time position and three more full-timers will be joining the department in spring.

“The number of true volunteers has dropped off significantly,” Funderburk said. “Just to get certified is a very time consuming process, especially for someone with a full-time job. We still want volunteers, but getting them is hard.”

There are two fire stations in the city and both have staff 24/7.

Tega Cay used to have a boat to fight fires on Lake Wylie, but it was old and disrepair and has been decommissioned. 

“We are discussing sometime in the future the possibility of a rescue boat for the (Catawba) river, at least as we get closer to the opening of Catawba Park and we still may do a rescue boat on the lake.”

The Tega Cay Police Department does have a boat used for patrols to enforce maritime laws and aid boaters in distress.


To learn more about the fire chief position and how to apply, click here.