A found debit card may have saved a Fort Mill woman’s life

A Fort Mill Police Department patrol car.

FORT MILL — Police were called to an elderly woman’s home after a Good Samaritan tried to return a debit card she found and realized the woman might be in danger.

According to a Fort Mill Police Department report, the Samaritan was able to find an address for the name on the debit card she found and went there to return it. No one answered her knock on the door, however, so the woman who found the card left her name and phone number on the door. Sometime later, the owner of the debit card called the number and told the woman who found it that she was sick and needed help. The Samaritan went back to the home and this time found the door open and was concerned by the conditions inside.

“She entered (the home) and found it to be in disarray with the floor covered in unknown feces,” the report states. The elderly woman who lived there was in bed, which the report said also had feces in it, and she seemed unable to answer questions. That’s when the woman who found the card called police.

The home’s kitchen was soiled with trash, rotting food and dirty dishes, the report states. No contact information for family members could be located.

The Fort Mill police officer who responded called EMS and the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment and later taken into the care of Adult Protective Services.