Someone tried dialing up a scam on Fort Mill, Verizon

FORT MILL — If someone on Verizon’s end of the line didn’t get suspicious in time, a batch of fraudulently ordered phones might have ended up for sale on the black market with the town unwittingly playing the middle man.

Earlier this month, someone who obtained the Town of Fort Mill’s Verizon account information placed an order for 41 new phones and requested they be shipped to a Red Roof Inn in Jacksonville, Fla. The shipping location raised a red flag with the company, which reached out to Fort Mill Police Department IT Director Jason Thomton, according to a report. Thomton told Verizon it was a bogus order and the phones were never shipped, the report states.

“It’s undetermined how someone obtained the account number,” Fort Mill Police Dept. spokesman Maj. Bryan Zachary said. “The password and other information needed to facilitate (online transactions) were not compromised,” he said.

“The fact that someone wanted to send these to Florida, that’s what raised the red flag with the vendor, Verizon, and they contacted us,” Zachary said.

The case remains under investigation.

Other cases

  • Also this month, a Fort Mill man filed a report with Fort Mill police after he lost $100 at the Wal-Mart Market on N. Dobys Bridge Road. The man got $100 cash back during his transaction at a self checkout station, but left without the cash. When he realized he forgot the money, he returned about 10 minutes later, but it was gone.
  • Two women, one from Fort Mill and another from Rock Hill, were charged with petty larceny after allegedly stealing three boxes of 16-count Family Wellness brand cold relief tablets from the Family Dollar in Fort Mill. The alleged shoplifting was captured on store surveillance video, according to a report. The two were pulled over by Fort Mill police on Tom Hall Street after the alleged theft was called in by the store manager.
  • An East Elliot Street resident called police and reported his car, a 2011 Infiniti G37, was stolen over night earlier this month.